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Simply Happy with SimplyOli

Aug 29, 2018

Everything I'm doing in my life right now, I was once scared of. So today we're pulling back the curtain and getting real about why we should do what scares us. A little hint...because it could be the key to finding your passions and living your happiest life.
This episode is for you if you've been feeling stuck in...

Aug 22, 2018

Focusing my efforts on bettering my sense of self love was what really started flipping my life around. It can definitely feel insanely hard at times to stop being our own bully and talk lovingly to ourselves. In today's episode I'm sharing my self love hack that makes changing your language so much easier. 

Aug 15, 2018

We've set big crazy goals and been disheartened when we didn't reach them. So what's the trick? What's the best way to stay positive when working towards a life we love? We have to lower our standards, and no, it's not as bad as you might think.
This episode is for you if you've been frustrated by not being where...

Aug 1, 2018

We really don't realize how powerful making assumptions can be until we see them for what they are. We're chatting about how assumptions affect us and how to get to a point where they aren't controlling our lives.


This episode is for you if your thoughts get the best of you, your imagination is running wild in the...