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Simply Happy with SimplyOli

Jan 29, 2020

Are you creating more peace in your life? Are you unsure of where to start? In this episode I share three ways to create more peace in your life. Stop fighting and wishing things were different. You no longer need to feel stuck. You have options, you have control, and you can make your own choices. Your peace is in your...

Jan 22, 2020

Gratitude is a choice and a practice. Are you utilizing gratitude in any given situation? It’s up to you to decide to see the gratitude. In this episode you will learn to find the light in any situation through the help of what I so lovingly call Gratitude Nuggets. It’s time to use gratitude to bounce back and keep...

Jan 15, 2020

Sometimes being comfortable doesn’t mean it is good for you. It just means you know it well. Everything at one point in your life was out of your comfort zone. In this episode you discover that you are the master of getting out of your comfort zone and into a new one. You learn that the process of getting into a new...

Jan 8, 2020

How do you motivate yourself to make change? Do you go in thinking, “ I hate this, I know it’s good for me but this sucks”? There is a better way to motivate yourself! In this episode I share some tips on how to motivate yourself in a healthy way with gratitude and positivity. You have access to all of your...

Jan 1, 2020

Are you ready to be brave? Are you willing to do the things that scare you? In this episode I reveal what my plans are for upleveling my life this year. It is time to face fear with confidence so that you can build a life you love.


In today’s episode we dive deeper into:


  • Facing Fears
  • Less is more